Philips SpeechLive Premium is
a new effective way of communicating!

Let Your Voice do the Work

and communicate in writing no matter where you are

Dictate your work straight into your smartphone or voice recorder and have Philips SpeechLive do the rest.
You will receive the transcript virtually instantly in your mailbox, if you want.
Just check it and finalize. Ready!

Speak. Send. Done.

Test drive the new effective way of communicating now!

Be productive
on the go

The Philips dictation recorder app is part of each SpeechLive subscription. The app is designed to work seamlessly with the SpeechLive  workflow solution. Record, edit and send dictation files directly from your smartphone and reduce document turnaround times. You can also choose to send dictations directly to the transcription service and optimize your productivity.


SpeechLive builds on
the Philips voice recorder app

  • Professional recording

    Record, edit and send your recordings for transcription from anywhere

  • Professional editing

    Insert, overwrite, append to recording or cut sequence

  • Send options

    Send your recordings for online transcription, speech recognition or directly to your dictation workflow

  • Recording list

    Categorize and organize your recordings and monitor their status

Download the app

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  • Car mode

    A simplified interface allows you to concentrate on driving

  • Widget

    Record directly from your home screen without opening the app

  • Customizable

    Customize the app’s buttons to fit your individual preferences, like car or express mode

  • Barcode scanner

    Easily link client files or data to your recordings

Download the app

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You speak.
Speech recognition
types for you.

If you are looking for an almost immediate transcription of your notes, tasks or simple documents, we recommend our SpeechLive online speech recognition software. The sophisticated and smart recognition software gets used to your voice and keeps learning. This ensures almost perfect speech recognition results. All you have to do is speak and send off your recordings. The speech recognition service will do the typing for you and you get your finished text files straight to your inbox.

Philips Online Speech Recognition

How it works:


Record your to do list, tasks or notes from your office or on the road.


Send your files to SpeechLive speech recognition.


Receive your finished document within moments. Save or share with your colleagues immediately.


Speech to text
in real time

SpeechLive accurately transforms your voice into written text in real-time in your browser. Speech to text allows you to finish emails, reports and other documents even quicker and effortlessly than ever before. You can even add your own vocabulary for maximum accuracy and use voice commands to insert paragraphs, punctuation marks and special characters to your document.


Transform your voice
into written text

SpeechLive converts your voice to text immediately and in real time while you speak. SpeechLive speech to text is tailored to work with real-life speech and can accurately transcribe proper nouns (e.g. names, places) and context-specific formatting. The audio file is also saved to your SpeechLive account, in case you want to review it later.

Add your
own vocabulary

You can customize speech recognition for your business by specifying up to 4,500 words or phrases that are likely to be spoken (such as company-specific terminology). SpeechLive also automatically recognizes addresses, years and currencies, depending on context.

We Speak
your language

SpeechLive can recognize and transcribe 17 languages and variants including English (US, UK and Australia) German, French (France and Canada), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish and Hebrew.

Saved by
Auto Save

SpeechLive automatically saves the current document and recording, helping to reduce the risk of data loss in case your computer crashes or you accidently close the browser window. The next time you log in, simply continue working at the point where your dictation was interrupted.

Team up to
work faster and smarter

SpeechLive works seamlessly with Philips SpeechMikes Dictation Microphones and SpeechOne Dictation Headset. Using devices that are optimized for speech recognition and dictation improves recognition accuracy, avoids switching back and forth between microphone and keyboard, allowing you do more, better, and faster.



Maximum protection
of your files

SpeechLive secures your dictations by encrypting them during recording, again when they are sent, and again by storing them in an encrypted format when safely kept in the cloud. This means end-to-end double encryption and protection from unauthorized access.

  • Highest security

    SpeechLive is an extremely secure cloud storage, utilizing the highest security standards available.

  • Real-time encryption

    Dictation files are encrypted in real time with the highest encryption standard available to protect your data.

  • Double encryption (256×256 bit encryption)

    Philips uses state-of-the-art encryption standards to protect your data. Data centers used by SpeechLive were awarded with the most important security certificates.


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